12 Driving Safety Tips you Must Know

November 5, 2019/Auto Mart USA

Safety comes first whether you are driving alone or with your family. It is your prime responsibility to make yourself, pedestrians and other drivers to be safe while driving.
It is always a good idea to go through safety tips from time to time.

Cars are not just only a medium to make you reach your desctination but also a passion for car lovers and it is upto you how you want to travel in this journey by rushing and disobeying the laws or by obeying laws and travel safe. So choose wisely and follow the simple steps.

Here are safety tips you must know:

1.) Speed Limit:

Always drive in the speed specified by road safety police. Speed limits are set for the benefit of people to decrease the risk of road accidents. So never cross the speed limits set by the traffic police.

2.) Be Patient:

Impatience leads to road accidents because people drive vehicles always in a rush. One minute of a rush can sometimes lead to a road accident. It is disgusting if you hit an accident to reach the destination on time. So always be patient and attentive while driving.

3.) Avoid Alcohol Consumption:

Alcohol impairs the ability to see and coordinate if consumed in access. To avoid road accidents and chaos on the roads, some legal limits are set for alcohol consumption when you drive. If you exceed the limit then you are can be caught in a criminal offense.

If you are 21 years old or above then Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) can be 0.08 % or higher but if you are under the age of 21 years then your BAC ranges from 0.00 to 0.02.

4.) Yellow Lights:

Always consider the yellow light as an indication to slow the vehicle to completely turn off the start button of your vehicle. Yellow light is a signal to turn on the fuel before the light turns red.

5.) Road Sharing:

Always share the road with your fellow drivers by giving them space and allowing them to move them if they want to move ahead.

6.) Car Maintenance:

Always send your vehicle for service to check whether the vehicle is in working condition or need any kind of service. Perform scheduled engine maintenance, checking the air pressure in tires and oil in the engine, checking whether exterior lights are working or not.

7.) Alertness:

Keep eyes and ears open while driving by paying attention to what’s happening around and how other drivers are taking turns to avoid road accidents. Alertness is the number one rule to prevent any kind of mishaps on roads.

8.) Traffic Lights:

Always stop the vehicle on a red light, slow down on yellow light and start the vehicle to go ahead on a green light.

9.) Avoid Distractions:

Don’t use mobile phones, small video screens in the cars to watch movies, videos, etc which are highly responsible for distracting drivers.

10.) Use Headlights:

Use the headlights in fog, it’s dark and also when it is raining because headlights show you the path and also help other drivers get an indication about your car around them.

11.) Use Indicators:

Always use indicators when you are taking a left or right turn so that the drivers behind your car get an indication of your action.

12.) Politeness:

Politeness is the key to handle even in the worst conditions like one should remain calm and quiet in a situation like never argument with the police officers and maintain decorum by never abusing the fellow drivers while driving.

I hope the driving safety tips described in the blog will guide you while you drive by making your car journey more joyful and safe.

So, always keep these tips for a better and safer car ride.

Happy & Safe Riding!

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