Hot New Design On Volvo C30 Gives 2011 Hatchback Cool Look

April 3, 2010/Steve Tackett


Arriving with a flash of Orange Flame Metallic paint, the 2011 Volvo C30 is a fireball of dynamic styling, making the introduction of a new flaming orange paint even more appropriate for Volvo’s debut of the C30’s brilliant new exterior design.
Emphasis on the exterior changes are focused up front, as the unique, swoopy rear of the C30 has already proven itself to be an eye-popping game changer in the small two-door premium car segment. The C30 gets an all-new front-end style for 2011.
Volvo stylists explain they’ve “radically” altered the fascia, headlights, fenders and grille. The headlights are pulled wide and up for a new look that suggests assertiveness of action that is both sporty and playful. The front bumpers become more angular and the grille wears a bold badge of the Volvo iron mark.
The clever rear design — featuring a large glass open space through a highly visible liftgate — is only slightly modified, though incredibly bold. For 2011, Volvo stylists push their madcap designing to further extremes with rear fascia contours that are curvier than ever. This one evokes strong approval. The people I showed the car to were crazy about the provoking looks of the C30’s rear hatchback section.
The four-passenger C30 enters 2011 with a base price of $24,600 for the T5 model, which comes standard equipped with a six-speed manual transmission. The destination charge is $850. An alternate C30 trim offered to buyers is the T5 R-Design. It is priced at $26,950. The chassis and steering on the T5 R-Design receive significant changes for 2011.
New to the 2011 T5 R-Design model is a Sport Chassis that sees a 30 percent increase in spring stiffness; and dampers that get a new mono-tube design with quicker build-up pressure (20 percent). Additionally, a quicker steering ratio allows the driver to experience a more precise steering feel behind the wheel. And for cornering maneuvers there’s been a reduction in leaning tendencies due to stiffer roll stabilizers. The R-Design model comes with 18-inch Midir diamond-cut alloy wheels while the T5 base model is shod with 17-inch all-season tires and alloy wheels.
The C30 is a front-wheel-drive compact hatchback featuring a five-cylinder turbocharged engine displacing 2.5 liters.

It produces 227 horsepower at 5,000 rpm and there’s terrific torque residing within this spirited compact hatch of 236 lb.-ft. from 1,500 through 5,000 rpm. The test vehicle had the optional ($1,250) five-speed automatic transmission with Geartronic manual up/down selection.
Fuel economy was so-so. You might expect better than 21 miles per gallon city and 30 mpg highway from a four-passenger, two-door small car with a curb weight of 3,200 pounds, but have to figure the turbocharger with strong torque — though heavy on the driving pleasure — might draw on the need for fuel.
Volvo knows how to entice with all the goodies. My tester was filled with about $10,000 in optional equipment that moved the C30 from premium car status to luxury-oriented. Among them were the $1,800 Preferred Package of power glass moonroof, power driver/front passenger’s seats and fog lights.
It’s good, however, to see the entry-level premium C30 loaded with content desired by the young buyers Volvo hopes to serve. Standard equipment includes the Bluetooth hands-free phone interface; a high-performance 160-watt sound system with HD radio and USB inputs; illuminated steering wheels controls; leather gearshift knob, and handbrake; plus even a tilt/telescoping steering column. — Connie Keane, Motor Matters

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2011 VOLVO C30 T5
VEHICLE TYPE_________________ 4-passenger FWD compact hatchback
BASE PRICE___________________ $24,600 (as tested: $34,090)
ENGINE TYPE__________________ DOHC turbocharged 5-cylinder
DISPLACEMENT_________________ 2.5-liter
HORSEPOWER (net)_____________ 227 at 5000 rpm
TORQUE (lb.-ft.)_____________ 236 at 1500-5000 rpm
TRANSMISSION_________________ 5-speed automatic
WHEELBASE____________________ 103.9 in.
OVERALL LENGTH_______________ 167.4 in.
CURB WEIGHT__________________ 3,200 lbs.
FUEL CAPACITY________________ 15.9 gal.
EPA MILEAGE RATING___________ 21 mpg city, 30 mpg highway

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