Smart Cars will come to a Dead end in 2019

Smart Cars will come to a Dead end in 2019

The selling of smart cars goes to be discontinued within the US market after 2019. the value of the agreement of the approval of the Fortwo smart car within the U.S is extremely high. So officially cars are leaving the U.S market.

Smart Cars first arrived within the U.S in 2008, sold approximately 25,000 new cars of Fortwo initially. Sales have drastically declined from that time and took a sharp turn with a decrease within the sale of gasoline models.

Servicing of Fortwo models are getting to be provided for this owners of both electric and gasoline-powered models. List Smart includes 82 dealers within the U.S market including 23 dealers listed within the smart inventory.

Daimler has stopped the sale of gasoline-powered Fortwo within the USA whereas Smart EQ remains on sale within the market with a price of $24,650.

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