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Is it safe to drive a Smart Car

Smart cars are considered as the environment-friendly cars offering good fuel efficiency and take less space in the parking. But the concern is: Are these cars safe to drive?

When we talk about smart cars the first thing that comes to our mind is compact.

The term smart is the combination of the swatch, Mercedes and art.
Initially, when the sales of compact cars were slowed down then Hayek and Swatch started a venture by giving complete rights to Daimler-Benz.

In 2008, the rise in oil prices increased the demand for smart cars as well.

For the 2016 model year, U.S Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) rates, the fuel efficiency of the car is 32 miles per gallon(mpg) and 39 mpg for city and highway respectively.
In 2008 and 2009, the inflation of gas prices increased the sale of smart cars in the U.S.

Crash tests for these cars were done by the independent insurance institute highway safety resulting in a 5-star rating.

But still heavier cars preferred over small cars in terms of safety.


The cost of compact cars is quite high and can go up to 80 miles per hour. People who love driving environmentally friendly cars prefer to spend money on conventional subcompact or a compact car with better gas mileage.

So, the small car is perfect for two people commuting to the local market and nearby places. These cars are safe for commuting in a short distance around and not built for long road trips.

Smart Cars will come to a Dead end in 2019

The selling of smart cars will be discontinued in the US market after 2019. The cost of the agreement of the approval of the Fortwo smart car in the U.S is very high. So officially cars are leaving the U.S market.

Smart Cars first arrived in the U.S in 2008, sold approximately 25,000 new cars of Fortwo initially. Sales have drastically declined from that time and took a sharp turn with a decrease in the sale of gasoline models.

Servicing of Fortwo models will be provided for the current owners of both electric and gasoline-powered models. List Smart includes 82 dealers in the U.S market including 23 dealers listed in the smart inventory.

Sale of gasoline-powered Fortwo in the U.S is already stopped by the Daimler whereas 2019 Smart EQ is still selling in the market with a base price of $24,650 but it will not long for more time.

Different Models of Smart Cars

Smart means Swatch Mercedes ART reflecting the partnership of Swiss Company Swatch with Mercedes Benz.

Compact Cars provide comfortable journey, high performance, good legspace, generous amount of features and good fuel economy.

There are 5 different models of smart cars which are based on the Smart for two body style. These cars come without any clutch actuation and controllers automatically with a manual transmission. The transmission can be shifted easily from manual to automated transmission including 1.0 liter and horsepower engine of 70 hp.

These smart cars are equipped with all the safety features like “tridon” safety cell, anti-lock brakes and advanced traction control.

1.) Passion Coupe

Passion Cabriolet comes with a paranomic roof with a sunscreen, three-spoke leather steering wheel with a paddle shifter. This paddle shifter helps to operate the manual function in automatic manual transmission. Wheels of this model are upgraded with alloy wheels of 15 inches, 9-spoke. It occupied with AM/FM CD and radio with an auxiliary jack. The starting price of passion coupe is $13,990.

2.) Fortwo Coupe

Smart Fortwo coupe is known as the base model of smart cars. It has traction control features known as ESP which is an able to control the engine throttle and the speed of the car as the sensor detects a skid or swerve. The safety cell used in this car is “tridon”. A safety steel cage is there to protect the passengers in case of any accidents. The price of Fortwo Coupe starts from $11,990.

3.) Passion Cabriolet

Passion Cabriolet comes with a heated glass rear window which is easily adjustable according to the speed at any position. It also consists of a premium sound system and an mp3 compatible size disc CD changer with an auxiliary port. It has removable sidebars that can be placed in a tailgate compartment. The starting price of Passion Cabriolet is $16,990.

4.) Brabus Coupe

Brabus Coupe is a performance-minded car that was lowered by 10 mm with a sports suspension. The features of this car include a sporty body, a sporty exhaust system with front and side skirts. The performance of this model is higher than its base model because of the larger tire size. Interior features include brushed aluminum pedals and Brabus floor mats. The starting price of this model is $17,990.

5.) Brabus Cabriolet

Brabus Cabriolet has a convertible top with removable side rails which can make this car a true cabriolet. The starting price of this model is $20,990.

After going through the blog you can decide which kind of model you want to go with which reach your requirements.

Initially, Smart Cars were a hit but the owner is shutting down the manufacturing of smart car. To know more: Read Smart Cars will Come to a Dead End in 2019.